• Migrated to use new cpp-build-base image and new $SKA_CPP_DOCKER_BUILDER_IMAGE variable.


  • Added support for runtime properties on the plasma storage manager. Two properties are supported, PLASMACONNECTRETRIES and PLASMAGETTIMEOUT, making it possible to configure plasma-related aspects of the storage manager at runtime.

  • Added validation for user-provided Plasma Object IDs.


  • Added support for Arrow Table mapping. Individual Fields/Columns from an Arrow Table can be mapped to the equally named casacore Table. The mapping can be given via the new TABLEOBJECTIDS Data Manager specification property.

  • Changed OBJECTIDS Data Manager specification property name to TENSOROBJECTIDS to explicitly state what type of objects do they refer to.

  • Added public C++ API documentation where missing.


  • Added support for generic configuration of the plasma storage manager via Data Manager Specification (casacore Record) objects. This makes it possible to create casacore Tables with correctly configured plasma storage managers without executables built for that specific purpose. Most unit tests indeed now create Tables using taql, which supports this generic configuration mechanism.


  • Removed memcheck tests from GitLab CI pipeline.


  • First version of the plasma storage manager.

  • A single column is backed up by a single Tensor stored on a single Plasma store; multiple columns require multiple Tensors stored on a single Plasma store.

  • Read-only operations are supported for both scalar and array columns.

  • Shape and type are checked to ensure a Tensor can be used for a given column.

  • Zero-copy is supported for operations where this can be accomplished, namely: full-column reads (array and scalar columns), single, continuous row range reads (array and scalar columns), and single cell reads (array columns).

  • Existing programs can use this storage manager without modifications, as demonstrated by tests with taql and showtableinfo.

  • Table creation is a manual process. A table_writer utility is included to help with this.